Science on Wheels was founded in 2017 by Arianna Soldati, then a graduate student in Geological Sciences at MU. After heading the organization in its inaugural season with help from Levi Storks, a graduate student in Biological Sciences at MU, Arianna graduated and moved on from Missouri. Currently, Science on Wheels is run by a committee of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from MU. Our executive committee is composed of volunteers that want to be more involved with science communication and outreach at MU. Members of our executive committee usually moderate and speak at our events.

If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher that would like to get involved with an executive role in Science on Wheels, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Jordyn Lucas

Recruitment and Membership Officer (2020-2022) Graduate Student, Department of Biochemistry RNA, is a molecule made up of building blocks that ...
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Sarah Clements

Chief Funding Officer (2020-2022) Graduate Student, School of Natural Resources I am a PhD student in the School of Natural ...
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Zachary Miller

Chief Executive Officer (2021-2022) Vice Executive Officer (2020-2021) PhD Candidate, Division of Biological Sciences My PhD work investigates the impacts ...
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Skyler Kramer

Vice Executive Officer (2021-2022) PhD Student -- MU Institute for Data Science and Informatics (MUIDSI) I am a graduate student ...
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Victoria Hamlin

Public Relations & Digital Outreach Officer (2021-2022) Graduate Student, Department of Biological Sciences I am a graduate student in the ...
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