Levi Storks

Executive Committee Chair (2018-2021)

Graduate Student, Division of Biological Sciences

I became involved with Science on Wheels during its debut season in fall 2017. I am involved with a wide range of outreach activities at MU, but Science on Wheels closely aligned with specific outreach goals of mine and I wanted to become more involved with coordinating a large outreach organization like this. This year, I am leading Science on Wheels with the help of some very wonderful people and am very excited about the direction that we are heading and all that I am learning as this organization grows.

As a graduate student, I study how learning can help lizards survive changes in the world around them. Through learning lizards can adjust their behavior in ways that allow them to cope with a wide range of conditions. This research will expand our understanding of how learning and intelligence evolve in the wild in the relatively simple lizard, which might in turn reveal more about how more complex intelligence like our own has come about.

Twitter: @ScalyLevi

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