Elaina Sculley

Master’s Student, Department of Animal Sciences

My goal is to analyze viral infectious diseases that impact a variety of species, including humans, by looking at the expression of viral receptors, specifically in the chicken lung. I will be studying various viruses that impact both chickens and humans, the corresponding viral receptor involved, and the cell type associated with that receptor. The viral diseases I will be focusing on are COVID-19, Newcastle disease, and Avian Influenza A. These viral diseases have caused detrimental impact on human health throughout our lifetime, especially COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in major loss worldwide including loss of human life, jobs, and connection with others. Humans are one of many species to fall victim to this disease. Therefore, if we had a deeper understanding of host range, viral receptors, and gene type involved in the pathogenesis of viral diseases, then we could potentially reduce the risk of transmission and save countless lives. 

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