Samuel Frimpong Jr.

Master’s Student, Department of Geography

My name is Samuel Frimpong Jr. and I am part of the Geography Department at the University of Missouri, and the goal of my research is to determine why some people in and around Columbia are unable to improve their levels of food security. Although programs such as food stamps and food security services like food drives, pantries, and banks exist, people either don’t know or qualify for these programs and/or cannot access these various food security services. One aim of my research is to trace the network relevant to food security-related services and research groups and look for any potential breakdowns or disconnections that may exist. From this I hope to find new ways to help those who are food insecure. 

Although I currently have no set plans following graduation, I would love to continuing doing research and find ways to implement new ways for communities to help in serving homeless and low-income people healthy and nutritious hot meals.

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