Alejandro Chávez Treviño

Recruitment and Membership Officer, Graphic Designer (2021-2022)

Graduate Student, School of Natural Resources

I am from Monterrey City in Mexico. I graduated from the University of Nuevo León UANL in 2016. Following graduation, I worked as a field technician in many places ranging from Mexico throughout the US and Canada learning and collecting data on bird ecology. I received my master’s degree in Sul Ross State University in Texas, where I studied wintering bird communities in desert grasslands and remotion of shrubs for habitat restoration.

Currently, I am a first year Ph.D. student at University of Missouri in the School of Natural Resources. My work with grassland restoration continues but instead of deserts, I am studying the luscious Tall-grass prairies, bird ecology and bison behavior. I enjoy spending time in the outdoors, sketching nature, and play my guitar. My work in the field brings me inspiration to create and a lot of joy. Everywhere I go, I try to share my passion for nature and science with everyone.

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