Arianna Soldati

Founder, Science on Wheels

Graduate Student, Geological Sciences

Arianna Soldati is a Ph.D. Candidate in Volcanology at the University of Missouri – Columbia. You can follow her endeavours here.

When I tell people I study volcanoes I always get one of two reactions: Really?! I have never met a volcanologist before! or There are no volcanoes in Missouri, are there? Then come the questions, all sorts of great questions. People are intrigued. And I am always happy to tell them more about what I do, be it at a fair, on a plane, or in a school! 


Over her years as a grad student, she became involved in several community outreach events aimed at audiences from K-12 to retirees.

Arianna both values and enjoys science communication, and after getting a few years of experience doing outreach as a speaker she finally decided to start her own program.

She was hoping to develop the concept at a national science communication conference, but her application wasn’t successful. Disappointed but not discouraged, she pitched her idea to her community, from which she received enthusiastic support.

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