Zachary Miller

Chief Executive Officer (2021-2022)

Vice Executive Officer (2020-2021)

PhD Candidate, Division of Biological Sciences

My PhD work investigates the impacts of climate change on plant-pollinator relationships. Pollinators are vital for agriculture and nature, and threats like climate change and habitat loss have negative effects on their well-being. I use acoustics (think: bee buzzes) to study bumble bee health in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I have been collaborating on the development of acoustic tools that can detect and describe different kinds of bee buzzes, allowing us to study bumble bees remotely. This work provides new insights into bumble bee behaviors and may help us understand how to better monitor and conserve these important pollinators.  

After my tenure at Mizzou, I hope to work in science policy in Missouri. Policymaking is not only foundational to our democracy but is one of the best avenues for implementing change. As such, I would like to use my training in scientific research and communication to help inform policies that promote conservation and sustainable land use. I envision Missouri as a progressive leader in climate change action and long-term sustainability. I intend to spend my career engaged in this work, aiming to help transform Missouri into a more beautiful, safe, and productive place for all beings.


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