Christian Perez-Martinez

Funding Officer, Website Manager (2021-2023)

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Biological Sciences

I study the evolution of extremely tiny lizards— lizards so small that they can fit on your thumb! These so-called “miniaturized” species face significant challenges, both in their internal anatomy and from exposure to the surrounding environment. In my research, I delve into the exquisite adaptations miniaturized lizards have to survive despite their tiny size, in particular, focusing on brain anatomy, ecology, and sensory perception.

My background is primarily in reptile behavior and ecology (but I am equally passionate about insects!), and I aspire to have a career in academic research— as a professor and PI. I have always been fascinated by observing animals in their natural habitat, which provides endless questions ripe for investigation. Throughout my work, I strive to integrate natural history observations with anatomy and physiology, to better understand animal behavior and cognition.

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