Our Team

Science on Wheels was founded in 2017 by a graduate student from Geological Sciences, Arianna Soldati. She has since graduated, and Science on Wheels is currently led by an executive committee composed of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from MU. The committee moderates events and coordinates all aspects of the organization; Science on Wheels would not exist without their contributions.

If you are a graduate or postdoctoral researcher passionate about outreach and science communication, and would like to get involved with an executive role in Science on Wheels, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The bulk of our organization is our speakers. These are graduate and postdoctoral researchers at Mizzou that are interested in connecting their research to nonscientists. We train all of our speakers to communicate effectively with nonscientists, and each speaker typically presents at one event per semester. Such training is missing from most graduate programs, and as such becoming a speaker can contribute to the development of transferable skills that will be important for your future career.

We also could not operate without the support of our partners. These organizations provide funding, expertise, and connections to our organization.

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